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Book Review: The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince is a story of a statue and a Swallow bird. The Swallow bird is flying to reach Egypt where his friends are awaiting him on the Nile River.

While flying continuously for much time, the Swallow feels tired and reaches a city where he thinks of taking some rest. He finds out one tall statue and goes there to sit between the legs. Drop after drop falls on him from above, he looks up in the sky but finds no cloud. The drops of water were the tears of the statue. Upon asking, the bird comes to know that the statue is of a happy prince who never saw sorrow in his life and when he died his people built a statue of him. It is a fine statue with gold leafs, sapphires in his eyes, and ruby in the hilt of the sword.
The prince says that when he was alive he was kept away from sadness and worries and miseries of the world. He died without seeing any sorrow in his life. Well, now when he is standing in the middle of the city, he can see the pain of the people. The prince sees a se…

Author Highlight: Priyanka Agarwal Discusses her New Book ‘PiKu & ViRu’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, we have with us Priyanka Agarwal—the author of PiKu & ViRu. Priyanka talks about her writing aspirations, the route to getting her book published, and her inclination towards contemporary fiction. Stay on while we chat with her.
Image Credit: Sonika Agarwal Though you come from content-writing background, what motivates you to write fiction? To be honest, I had no idea I’d ever write fiction. In fact, I remember the day eight years ago when I was updating my LinkedIn profile and I wondered how the likes of J.K. Rowling had such a vivid imagination. I still expressed a dream in my profile to write fiction, though I had no clue how that would happen. But gradually, I learned that fiction comes out of our own experiences, thoughts and feelings, which every author expresses artistically and imaginatively. Most importantly, you need to have a good story to bind all this in. When that happened with me, I didn’t think twice before pennin…

Book Review: Weathering the Storm in Ersama by Harsh Mander

It is a story about courage, loss, adventure and tragedy. Prashant is a nineteen-year-old boy, who one day goes to Ersama – a coastal town 18 kilometers away from his village Kalikuda – to meet his friend. In the evening torrential rain and storm surrounds the town, the rain is so heavy, along with strong gales of wind, that water enters the homes of people and trees begin uprooting. Overall, life becomes tough; people are scared to the hell. To avoid water in the home Prashant and his friend’s family move on the roof of the home, as it was a brick and mortar home. In rain and wind and storm, they spend almost two days there, struggling for warmth and food, thanks to one coconut tree that is lying on their roof, which provided them food.

From the roof Prashant sees the streets flooded and corpses of humans and animals and trees being afloat. The super cyclone has caused havoc all around. He is worried about his family members, though his mother had died seven years ago. There are his…

Book Review: Piku & Viru (A Fan-Actor Drama) by Priyanka Agarwal

Piku & Viru is the debut novel of Priyanka Agarwal. As the tagline says, ‘A Fan-Actor Drama’, indeed the story of the novel revolves around a fan and her celebrity crush. We often come across romance novels where either one-sided or two-sided affairs take place. However, a common ‘somebody’ going after a celebrity and forming interesting conflict of interests is something rarity. By all means, it is a romance novel in which one of the partner struggles way harder than the other.

The story is staged against the charming hubbub of Mumbai. It is a long story, so you need to settle down comfortably while getting moved along with the brisk pace of the novel. In our opinion, the author has deliberately given low weightage to female protagonist Piyanjali aka Piku as compared to Vian Rustom aka Viru. Probably, she had in mind that the story is between two very uncommon people. A simple girl trying to snatch a piece of pie from the glamorous world. We heard people falling and chasing each…

Book Review: Gift of Confidence: Miracles Can Happen Easily by Rohit Narang

To many this book may sound another warts and all self-help book for boosting confidence in life. Well, you need to think again. As the title suggests, it is aptly right to say that once you gain confidence, well then no miracle is impossible for you. To take the things further, let us clear that this is a fiction book based on a student’s plight to study fruitfully to clear the world’s toughest exam CA.

Our protagonist Pancham is a CA final year student. The story starts with a failure. He, much contrary to his parents and self-expectations, has failed in the CA exams. It was his first attempt. He feels the heat of the pressure all the more as everyone in his family had cleared the exam in first attempt. He is depressed. What should he do now? Try harder or commit suicide. On a depressing side, he thinks of suicide. For a change of mind and heart, his mother sends him to a nearby Gurudwara.
In Gurudwara, he stumbles upon a smiling man, who sounded strange and weird to Pancham. Despi…

Story Summary: The Accidental Tourist by Bill Bryson

The Accidental Tourist by Bill Bryson is a short story that highlights the importance of having suave and elegant manners at the time of travelling. In this story, we see that the narrator almost flies over 100,000 miles every year because of his job’s nature. So, we can say that the narrator is an accidental tourist, though he doesn’t enjoy travelling but still he has to because of his job. However in his own words he says that he is sort of a confused man who often forgets the roads and gets into wrong alleys or gets trapped into self-locking doors. In this story, he takes us to some of his awry travel experiences where he did some crazy things, though unwittingly.
Most of his experiences are based around airports or inside the flights. On one instant, while flying to England from Boston with family for Christmas, he forcibly opened the zip of his bag, as a result it broke down and all the stuff littered on the ground. This made him embarrassed and the people around him.
One day in…

Book Review: Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku

Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku is an e-book in which you will get A to Z knowledge about blogging. Though the main aspect of this book is to dole out blogging knowledge to new or aspiring bloggers, however Anuj has also brought in social media, self-publishing, writing a book, and many other helpful topics with commendable confidence. As the title goes, ‘Blogging for Gold’, he means to say that blogging means digging gold but only a handful of people knows that to get gold one has to work hard while having a good amount of patience. Blogging can give you money and fame and an office-free life, but the route to that glory isn’t that easy you might have thought-out.

Anuj Tikku hails from Bollywood, in fact a popular face, and apart from this, he is also a prolific travel blogger for over two years with his blog: Inquisitive enough, you can Google him. From a travel blogger’s point of view, this e-book is a treasure trove, Anuj has shared about his work and dif…

Author Highlight: Prakriti Singh discusses her New Book ‘A Voyage through the Echoes’ and stories from her life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Prakriti– the author of ‘A Voyage through the Echoes’. In this interview, Prakriti talks about her writing aspirations, the route to getting her book published, and her inclination towards travelogues. Stay on...while we chat with her.
What motivates you to write? The passion of narrating my story, telling my perspective of life and persons always motivate me to write. Also, I like to create stories and pictures from a circumstance which can provide other persons very important life lessons. Writing with a purpose gives me strong inspiration to work upon my writing. What were your feelings after publishing this book? I was very satisfied. Publishing a book was always in my mind and I know many like minds who wanted to be an author. But our daily jobs and lifestyle always push us back and make us put our dream of publishing in a suitcase deep inside a secluded store. I finally, picked up my dream out of that secluded s…

Poem Summary: My Mother at Sixty-Six by Kamla Das

In this post, we are going to discuss the summary of this poem which is based on love for mother. Before you get your hands on the summary, it is advised to read the poem given below.

Poem: Driving from my parent’s home to Cochin last Friday morning, I saw my mother, beside me, doze, open mouthed, her face ashen like that of a corpse and realized with pain that she was as old as she looked but soon put that thought away, and looked out at Young Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling out of their homes, but after the airport’s security check, standing a few yards away, I looked again at her, wan, pale as a late winter’s moon and felt that old familiar ache, my childhood’s fear, but all I said was, see you soon, Amma, all I did was smile and smile and smile......
Poem Summary:
This poem is actually a thought. When the poet is travelling to airport from her mother’s home, she sees her mother is sleeping beside her in a car. Her mouth was open and she was sleeping like a dead body. …

Book Review: Magic Square by Salini Vineeth

Magic Square is a mystery novella by Salini Vineeth. Despite the book being short in length, it is a terrific read and the author has made all aspects looked equally distributed with an élan. The story is staged against the prominent places of South India. As we get into the novel, we get introduced to Amuda, our main character. The author has put in brilliant efforts to transform this ‘once pessimistic character’ into the ‘driving force’ of the novel. While reading this book, it is evident to feel that the mystery is solved by a common human being, rather than by a great or larger-than-life character, the kind of characters we see in Colin Dexter, Daniel Silva and Robert Galbraith books. As a matter of fact, a great aspect.

By all angles of semblance, Amuda is a simple girl pursuing PHD in Bangalore. She has opted for PHD when she failed to grab a job after doing M.Tech. Nevertheless, she knows that she is meant for something great in her life, though she remains in dilemma as what …

Author Highlight: Sadashiv Pradhan Discusses his Debut Book ’23:59:59’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Sadashiv – the author of ’23:59:59’. In this interview, Sadashiv talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell… The moment I entered XLRI, I knew there was a story to tell! Honestly, earning money was one of my motivations. Incidentally, amidst of all brilliant minds of my generation, I was a below average student at my B-school, you know the one of those who starts searching their name from the bottom, on the rank sheet. All the euphoria of joining the best B-school comes down within a week. A rat race gets intense and against the popular belief, so-called glamorous B-school life becomes a series of frustrating failures. Everyone goes through a phase where he or she questions the choices, the reasons, and the motivations of joining a B-school – and therein lies a story – which turned into 23:5…

Book Review: Home by Ruskin Bond

Home is a beautifully written short story by Ruskin Bond about the indispensability of home. The story has been covered in the book Children’s Omnibus, a book full of like such stories. Basically, in this story Ruskin highlights the chemistry that cooks at home between children and their parents. Here, we see Suraj, a thirteen-year-old boy, who loves playing cricket and roaming in the bazaar but he is poor at studies. His father upon seeing his report card scolds him for playing cricket, eating excessive food, and not studying well. On the other hand, Suraj remains silent like an obstinate child. And when his father becomes irritated as he is getting no response, he grunts Suraj to leave the home.

Suraj takes that remark seriously and leaves the home. He has a crisp note of five in his pocket. He otherwise spends money on toys and viands but now as he is out and knows that he will not be going back home, he thinks to spend it judiciously. His main concern is how to get food today or …