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Book Review: 21 Office Situations & How to Deal with Them by Anil Karamchandani

Like any other world, the corporate world too has its own civilization. And it is up to you whether you want to be a cultured-and-growing employee there or prefer to be a hopper. The former brings you growth and prosperity and stability in life, however, the journey will not be without risk. Frankly putting, in the corporate world you need to be a civilized person all your tenure without sounding either ‘diplomatic’ or ‘dull’. Instead you need to be a smart and calm personality. Ironically by the time you understand that you have to be ‘smart and ‘tactfully useful’ you either reach on the verge of retirement or land up being a nomadic hopper. Accept it or not – we all who work in the corporate world, especially in India, needs special advisory and counseling time to time.

But the problem is that how will you find someone who can guide you, understand your tricky office situations, come up with substantial solutions, etc. Believe it or not, finding this kind of mentor or guide looks impractical in life. One has to learn from his/her own experiences and that is the real onus point, because you only learn when you already lose too much. The other option is go rummaging for myriad self-help books and but again here the challenge is how to find the relevant book that holistically grabs your exact problems, moreover most of the self-help books are overhyped and written by foreign writers, leaving very little scope for Indian corporate workers.

Let’s not make it messier and coming to the light we have got a book to help you by Anil Karamchandani - 21 Office Situations & How to Deal with Them. First off, the book is written by an Indian corporate professional, thus it appeals direct to the needs of people struggling in the Indian corporate arena. Many might conjecture it as another self-help book; well it transcends all limits by blending self-help, SOP, templates and valuable guidance into one. The author has presented 21 office situations like a ‘pro’ and then like a detective he opens up each situation and helps you with the solutions by pouring in his wisdom and experience. One of the foremost things about this book is that you will find plenty of email templates for various situations and if you go through them carefully then your email-writing skill, for sure, will go up.

After reading it first, you can use this book for future references. The book is not only practical, concise and easy-to-read but also free from jargons, banality, and irrelevant applications and so on. For all these reasons, this book sounds quintessential for the Indian corporate culture. Every self-help book offers some take-away points for readers; let’s see what it has on offer for us:
  • Valuable insights in the world of corporate
  • Totally relevant to Indian corporate culture
  • For banking sector people, it is a boon
  • One of the toughest tasks is how to handle boss – here you get all simple yet effective ways
  • How to seek co-ordination from other departments without sounding too rude or geeky
  • How to escalate like a gentleman
  • Be it anything, the book offers pragmatic approach for tricky situations
  • Mid and senior management level people can look forward sharpening their execution skills
  • Learn how to de-pressurize yourself from pushy situations
  • The book is full of personal examples and email templates. Writing good and positive emails can take you to greater heights in the corporate world
  • Learn how to prepare an actionable checklist
Considering today’s time, this book has nailed its importance by shedding light on 21 office situations that actually exist everywhere, around us. These kinds of books are rare which so aptly present the situations that millions of working people in India face in their day to day life. The tricks and situations presented in this book are something that many learn after struggling for many years in the corporate world. Experienced people will certainly take it as a missed opportunity, well for new beginners this book, with its solutions open for all, is a cult classic.

21 Office Situations & How to Deal with Them is a great booster for your career growth.


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