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Book Review: Second Chances by Shreya Das

At times a few tragedies in our life shake us so much that we lose the power of resilience and don’t think of making a comeback. But that’s a pessimistic approach towards life. One should be able to bury the things of past and keep going ahead with happiness and self-respect.

On the similar lines, this romantic cum inspirational novel ‘Second Chances’ by Shreya Das teaches us to be positive and life-embracing in all situations. While reading this book, you will, in all your senses, realize that life is not about one event. One must learn to move on especially in the matters of heartbreak, relationship dents and so on…

As the novel starts we get ourselves introduced to Sameera, a ghost/spirit, waiting to be accepted in the heaven by the god. Well, before that she has to finish one task – to help a person on the earth to start life once again in full bloom. She gets the case of Roshni, who lives and works in Mumbai. A year ago she lost her husband in a car accident, since then she is like a barren land. Devoid of hope and comeback! Probably she is too afraid to fall in love or find another man to spent life with. In a nutshell, she is afraid of change because of her sad past. But who knows what plans God has had in store for her?

When Roshni shifts to a new resident place, she comes across a handsome young man named Karan, who lives just next door and is a photographer with a fashion magazine.

Karan feels love at first sight but knows nothing about Roshni – her background, past, and attitude. As things move on, we then also get introduced to other interesting characters like Glen and Annie. They too have a love story in the book. But there is more to Roshni and Karan’s story. After some time, the story moves subtly and takes its own time and pace. That’s a good thing about it that unlike hurried romance novels, this book will make you wait and a little impatient to see the final results.

Now the question is how Sameera, the ghost, handling the case is going to help both the persons to get in love and move on. She blunders her way through it and is constantly clashing with Roshni especially on fashion related aspects. Her and Roshni’s banter is a running track in the book and is quite amusing. There is also suspense in this simple-looking romance novel regarding Sameera’s presence. This romantic novel has an element of magic too – it is in fact an innovative novel that delves deep into the human psychic to explore factors like love, hope, inspiration and gloominess.

One thing is sure that not all love stories are same – the kind of pace and characterization of Roshni depicts that for some people love is a welcome change. Glen and Annie’s characters will take you on a humorous ride, while Karan and Roshni will test your mettle with their intense attitude. Glen is not a foreigner - the name given to him by his parents is Gyanendra Prasad Sharma. And for this so old-style name, he blames them and thus does whatever he can to punish them. At one instant, he declared himself gay to get rid of the marriage proposal his parents were forcing upon him. There are many incidents in the book where you will find this gay guy funny. On the other hand, Annie sounded sober and silent until her marriage preparations.

The book has a question for you: will you give love, life and happiness a second chance? And after reading it, you will definitely say a big Yes!

If you prefer gradually and naturally growing romance novels, well pick it up anytime. The author has put in lot of efforts to make it a fascinating riveting story, be it language, pace or narration, Shreya Das has done a commendable job.


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