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Book Review: Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow by Tilly Bagshawe

The book is about the con artists, and how inadvertently their fates are intermingled when they cross one another’s path before pulling up any heist. However the book is not written by Sidney Sheldon, rather continued by Tilly Bagshawe. The book is a sequel to If Tomorrow Comes of Sidney Sheldon’s. In that novel his most popular and enduring heroine was Tracy Whitney, and she is back here in a most ravishing way ever possible: from pulling impossible heists to raising a son to saving her love of youth.

How great and daring heists have been pulled together by Tracy and her love Jeff Stevens was revealed in the previous book. So, before picking up this book, it is mandatory to read the first part. Just before getting married to Jeff Stevens in Rio de Janeiro, Tracy Whitney posing as Countess Valentina Di Sorrenti in a flight robs of a crooked businessman by selling him a public beach. After marriage both Tracy and Jeff try to live a simple life, Jeff takes up a job in an antiquities museum. Well, soon Rebecca Mortimer, assistant of Jeff, incites Jeff against Tracy by showing false video footage. Trouble occurs and Tracy goes away leaving Jeff alone.

Tracy settles down in Colorado with his son Nicholas and Jeff continues pulling up heists across the world. Jeff tries a lot to trace the whereabouts of her but to no avail. It has been nine years and for most of the world Tracy is either dead or in prison. One day while out for a lunch with her son, she happens to stumble upon Rebecca, as she dredges up about her it becomes straight that her real name is Elizabeth Kennedy, she too is a con artist, and works with a male partner. She was behind breaking the marriage of Tracy and Jeff.

Next interesting character in the line is Jean Rizzo, an Interpol cop. He is out for a Bible killer. In nine years, whenever and wherever Tracy pulled a heist, after two days a prostitute is found dead with a Bible beside her. So far thirteen victims from different countries have been killed by this psychotic killer. As the events unfold Tracy and Jean join hands and arrest Elizabeth Kennedy. Jean’s prime suspect is Elizabeth Kennedy’s male partner. When she reveals that her male partner is Daniel Cooper, Jean rushes to save his next victim. Hereafter the novel leaves the heists and main characters run to catch the killer.

In the end, Jeff is taken as a hostage by Cooper. Next, he sets a trap to marry Tracy, he silently loves her. All the killings he has done so far only to atone his sins, since he killed his own mother and was a staunch hater of whores. He assumed himself on a mission sent by god. He crucifies Jeff in Bulgaria. As per the riddle, Tracy comes to Bulgaria to save Jeff from Cooper. Somehow Tracy fights back and saves the life of Jeff with the help of Jean.

During the chase the plot is tightly packed and the way Tracy and Jeff separately pulled out heists is mesmerizing. Well, Jeff is a con artist to rob off the vile rich man and most of the times he donates away his share. The moral values of Jeff and Tracy are highly altruistic.

Chasing the killer and accumulating clues to catch him is the best part of the novel. It is one of the best crime thrillers of the year 2014.


  1. I loved this book. Nicely written review.


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