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Book Review: Strange Obsession by Shobha De

Strange Obsession by Shobha De can be converted into a high-drama Bollywood movie. The novel scores well on romance and ecstasy, but eroticism and feminism gallops throughout the book.

When Amrita Aggarwal, a fine-looking aspiring model, reaches Mumbai to have a career in the modeling world, she is emotionally abducted by Minx, an ugly lesbian with some high connections in the police. Minx helps her to become the supermodel of India, however, on the other hand Amrita finds herself in an inextricable web. As an upshot, Amrita becomes her sex slave and endures Minx’s torture in order to maintain her growth momentum. However, little did she know that Minx has developed grueling passion for her? When Amrita’s initial struggle to break free meets with an abject failure, she lives a stale life amid such glamorous name and fame. In the company of Minx, Amrita’s life becomes hellish and miserable as she finds no way to attain her freedom. Minx becomes addictive of her body and sees her as a pleasure-seeking object.        

When Amrita got entwined in the trap of Minx other characters in the book reduced to auxiliary roles. The theme of the book is all about sex slavery, probably a trait common in the Bollywood industry. The story of the book is ordinary and predictable, but gripping also. Like her other works – truly erotic – it drives readers crazy and takes them to bed with wild fantasies. The language of the book is good, even the writing style. The book is completely feministic with its approach as the main villain of the book – Minx performs all those villainous chores that a male villain often does in the Hindi cinema.


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