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Book Review: The Game of Secrets by Saurish Hegde

The Game of Secrets by Saurish Hegde is part suspense, part science fiction novel. The main protagonist of the book is Dr. Nishant Shetty – he hails from a very rich family in Mangaluru. His family holds a chain of hospitals across the country. Behind the success of the hospital chain, there is a Dream Team of three people, including his father. Nishant is thirty two years old, virgin and not in a mood of getting married. So far, he concentrated his time in studies and work.

Being high on altruistic values, he wants to do something good for the upliftment of poor people, humanity and so on. He is of the opinion that by joining politics he may be able to bring massive change for the society. Thus, with one of his very loyal friend Kashyap, he forms a political party. In the coming elections their target is to defeat a veteran politician named Adishakti and her adopted son Dhanush. They both fail to understand the intricacies of politics, thus Adishakti takes the advantage of their innocence and wins the election. This defeat frustrates the aspirations of Kashyap, and Nishant is least affected because his mind is somewhere else.

In between all, Nishant meets Navya – a beautiful girl inclined towards fashion designing business. They fall in love, make love, and look forward for life-time commitment. Other than hospital and politics, Nishant is also diverted to Ramdas – a brilliant scientist who operates from Switzerland.

Ramdas calls Nishant and tells him about the disruptive experience that he wishes to perform on him. Nishant has had already hunch about its ramifications. He realized the experiment in his dream, thus he grows a bit gloomy, but after all without risk there comes no achievement. So, he thinks that may be he won’t come back alive following the experiment. He as his own fears but still he goes there without informing the actual truth to his family and breaks up the relationship with Navya.

The experiment is about Hegdrons. According to Ramdas, only Nishant has the affinity to hold Hegdrons in his body, otherwise it is so powerful that normal person will die by its effect. After the experiment, Nishant grows bigger in body and sharper by mind. By just holding hands of other person he can see his/her past or read the mind. His blood will be used to cure many dreadful diseases across the world. Ramdas is on the seventh heaven post the experiment.

Nishant goes back to India, he patches up with Navya. Their love story comes back on the track. But little did he know that there is someone who is behind his powers – that villain wants to strip him off his powers. And from here onward, another tale of hide and seek and adventure starts. Will Nishant be able to save his business, family and himself from the web of his enemies? His first task is to find out who is the person that wants to destroy him?

Written in simple and lucid way, as a first-time author Saurish is able to pull of the strings that are required to have in a science-fiction novel. The pace of the novel is non-stop and at times the plot looks highly action packed. The book is highly recommended for people looking to have something special other than common love stories of day to day life.


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