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Book Review: The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman

The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman is a second book in ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. The book is set into two contemporary worlds. One, where normal humans live, and the other where witch, daemon, specter occultist, sorceress, enchantress and other haunting animals and mammals co-exist.

Will Parry, a young boy, is worried about her mentally-ill mother. She is being continuously haunted by some men who often come to his home for searching a green leather case that belonged to his father and that possibly holds something enigmatic of high value. His father has been disappeared before Will’s birth. And Will doesn’t know how his father looked like, not even a picture or media coverage of him. It is bit odd for him. Mother says that his father was an explorer of remote places and Will has the mantle of his father. Soon, he will take the path of his father.

To place his mother under better care, he takes her to the house of Mrs. Cooper, a kind-hearted woman who used to teach him music. After that he returns home, and some men enter his home. Accidentally he kills one of the men. Now, he is on the run: running away from being caught by police.

Then, he enters the other world. That is eerily calm and no one is chasing him there. Soon he encounters a girl: she is half-feral and has a daemon. Her name is Lyra – she says that she is from a different world. So does Will. They both become friends when Lyra through her alethiometer discovers that the boy is neither enemy nor friend but a murderer. And she certainly thinks that a murderer is worth a companion. Lyra is shown bit childish and obstinate as she doesn’t know many things about this world and refuses to clean up the dishes. They both share a room. To remind readers that it is a young fantasy novel. Amid supernatural backdrop, both characters are out and equally lost in search of something or other. Will is determined to find out his father while Lyra has to unravel the theory behind Dust. Well, accidentally they come across a knife called ‘The Subtle Knife’ which will help them to fight against the evil forces and through this knife they can cut an edge and go to their world.

The protagonists of the book (Will and Lyra) are highlighted equally. But still Will outshines her in a faintest way. This fantasy novel is of extraordinary setting with intellectually thrilling plot and the language is like icing on the cake. Superb!!


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Book Review: The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

Among all Ruskin Bond books, The Blue Umbrella has, so far, gathered immense applaud from readers and critics alike.  This is a short novel, but the kind of moral lessons it teaches to us are simply overwhelming.

This is a story of Binya, a poor little girl living with her mother and an elder brother, Bijju, in a small hilly village of Garhwal. One day while herding her two cows back home, she stumbles upon some city people enjoying the picnic in the valley. She is enthralled to see them well-groomed and rich. She craves to be one like them and among many other things of their, a blue frilly umbrella catches her attention. She begins craving for it. On the other hand, the city people get attracted by her innocent beauty and the pendant in her neck. The pendant consists of leopard’s claw – which is considered a mascot widely in the hills. Binya trades her pendant off with the blue umbrella.

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It takes two days to reach this village from the author’s native place. One needs to travel first by bus from Lansdown and then walk for five miles. The village is situated up the Nayar River – a tributary of the Ganges. One morning the author wakes up to the loud vociferous sound of Cicada. This sound reminds him of factory buzzer. The author …

Character Sketch of Binya from ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by Ruskin Bond

The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond is a popular children’s story. It features Binya as the main character, though there are other important characters as well, but the story revolves around Binya and her little beautiful umbrella. The story is widely popular among children, thus it has also been included in the schools’ syllabus all across the country. Since it is often taught in the school, thus the character sketch of Binya is often demanded by students from year to year.

Character Sketch of Binya from The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond
Binya is the main character of the novel ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by Ruskin Bond. Her full name is Binyadevi. As in the hills or anywhere in India it is a kind of trend to call children with their short nicknames. Binya’s elder brother’s name is Bijju, whereas his real name is Vijay.
Binya aged eleven is a hilly girl. She lives with her small family in the hills of Garhwal. Her father died when she was two years of age. For sustenance, they have three tiny t…