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Author Highlight: Tarun Deep Singh Discusses his New Book ‘What is an Indian?’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Tarun – the author of ‘What is an Indian’. In this interview, Tarun talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him.

What motivates you to write?

The answer is available on my webpage -

How did you handle the response of this book?

I wrote this book back in 2009 - 2010. That's why most of the references you see in the book are from those years. I could not get it out since no one was willing to publish it. Moreover I was not aware of means to promote it. Now, with publishing of other book The Journey: Traveller With In, I have re-launched this book. So, far things are slow but feedback by your team is amazing. I really appreciate your team for restoring my confidence in writing. I hope your followers will pick the book for reading and provide more encouraging feedback. I want to write healthy literature and need support to continue!

What are some of your favourite novels and authors?

I don't read much. This may sound surprising.  Once I was told by a dear friend while doing MS in US grad school, you have read a lot now time for you to write original. And I am trying to follow his advice.

Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or into the hills?

I write from heart. I don't need to go to specific place. Family supports me when they realize I am in mood to write. For me writing is all about catching up with what I have experienced, what it has triggered in me and can I map it to words. Since not every experience can possibly transcend to feeling, thoughts and then word, you require Grace. And Grace can happen anywhere and any moment.

What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell…

My first book ‘Man Is A Thought’ was not received with warmth. People did not realize that what I try telling them. That triggered a thought process why did it happen. And realized the thirst of healthy and challenging work is almost lost among countrymen. Further, one of another reason I have mentioned in preface. And then birth of my daughter and rising atrocities on woman took me further into the book. Youth and its wrong beliefs gave me more material to express. Just imagine what is being sold on modern day songs: Addiction, Lust, Violence, Infidelity. Those 'Who’ have made sacrifices; they did for the India we are observing now? For me it was disheartening. I was also disappointed by my fellow Indians while doing MS in US Grad School. All this combined into big why? And came out the book! But again I was/am always Indian by heart. Why? The teachings of My Guru, especially Dhan Shri Guru Teg Bhadur Ji (To Whom the Book is dedicated) and family values played a big role in this book.

What was your biggest learning experience throughout the publishing process?

Initially it was bitter. You have to beg people to read your work. Somewhere you know, rejection is waiting at every step. But how you deal with that bitterness. You bound to become rebel. Choice is yours, you go on rampage causing explosion or cause self-implosion to become Mystic like Kabeer. Patience is the key here. You need to wait and keep trying. If people can succeed with absurdity why positive vibes will not succeed. Moreover, success has to be consumed. If it comes late there is high probability that it will not go to your head.

Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?

I am still trying to establish myself as an author. As far writing concerned I started in 1994 but never thought will come up with 3 not so famous manuscripts️. I kept on writing what I felt never trying to stitch things. But then Grace happened, moment arrived with realization to weave those scattered thoughts into books. I am not the doer. I cannot control my thoughts so just humbly bow down to ‘The One’ for sending thoughts which can help me to contribute positively.

Any best piece of writing advice from your side that we haven’t discussed?

I cannot advice anyone since I am not yet leader. But yes I write to create positive vibes since I write to express my gratitude to My Guru. Writing is not business, it is soul. Just imagine Vedas, Bhagwad Gita, Holy Quran, Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji were not compiled for earning fame or money. But we failed to understand the crux and started using 'Them’ for… Did we ever mull over 'Their’ teachings at our own or just relied on versions from other. And started calling each other fools. This remind me lines from Kabeer in Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

“Do not say that the Vedas or the Quran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false.”

So write after contemplating deeply. That will be original, that will be positive, that will not be biased, that will be fearless, that will be intuitive, that will be satisfying. That may not be rewarding immediately but sooner or later Grace will bring success.

Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

I am not famous so I am not sure what people think of me and what will surprise them. Let me think… still thinking… wait for it… have patience… Oh yes it popped out… no matter what I write I will always be an ignorant fool with highest level of stupidity and idiotism… believe me!!!

Any future books that you would like to discuss now?

Here I will like to thank bloggers and reviewers like you. Why? The confidence you folks provide that hope is still there for positive literature. Your review and review by other bloggers has made to think about first publishing the manuscripts which are lying with dust all over them for last 15 years. Then I will think about future. I have written any formal manuscript for last 7 years. If you liked this work I promise to Kevein Book Review Team and Zahid Ahmed to write more! Once I clear the back log I plan to write on Duality, how it impacts us, forms etc...

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