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Review of a Publishing Company: BookMedia

If there is any country in the world that has most number of authors and publishers in the world – that is India. You heard it right! Except the academic books, nearly 90 percent books in India falls in the self-publishing category. The process of traditional publishing is quite old and it was congregated mainly at Delhi.

However, the rise of digital services and print on demand (POD) and online distribution and fast courier services have enable self-publishing as one of the fastest growing things in India. In my career as a book reviewer and book promoter, I have worked with scores of self-published writers who later went on to grab excellent deals from traditional publishers. Getting your first book or some initial books self-published is a better way to start a career as an author.

Well, in today’s article I am going to talk about BookMedia Publishing Company, based out of Pondicherry, also having many offices across the country. I recommended many early or struggling writers to BookMedia. The reasons were clear – honesty and budget-friendly packages.

Let’s see how the author Poornima Swamy from Mumbai got a fair deal from BookMedia and why she liked them, and for what services and reasons. With BookMedia, she published her most cherished book – Expand: The Conscious Parent-Child Life Journey. It went to become an Amazon Bestseller in more than one genre.

So the journey began! I wrote a self-help book for parents. I prepared synopsis and blurb for the back cover. Also wrote an author bio and polished first 3 chapters. Next, I made a list of traditional publishers of India. I sent them email, with valid attachments. It’s a history now. I never got reply and I couldn’t find a literary agent as well. As an author, I felt I am too lonely to get published via a right and traditional method.

Another side of the publishing industry is seeking best and trustable self-publishing companies. As soon as I Googled ‘best self-publishing companies in India’, I got to see only sponsored company names like Notion Press, White Falcon Publishing, Blue Rose Publishers, and a few more. I browsed their websites, one by one. Their offered packages were higher for my set budget. I emailed them but did not get proper response. But one thing was common, all these companies asked me to take their premium packages for a gamut of facilities and good sales record. I took my time and did some research on each one of them. I found something startling – these companies were not marketing their books properly. I could hardly find blog reviews or coverage on Goodreads or Quora. On the name of book marketing, I found some coming soon/released now book posters and teasers on YouTube. I was not convinced. I tried Pothi…but their paper quality was too bad…they just printed books on bond paper, in addition to that they offered around 5 rupees royalty on a book priced at INR 150.

I made a list of self-publishing companies in India and browsed their websites and social media accounts. Checked some reviews on Google. My next search option was Quora. I did extensive research and stumbled upon BookMedia Publishing Company, to my surprise it has had many offices in India. I checked some of the books published by them have substantial social media coverage with relevant #hashtags and blog reviews were cool.

From the website, I got the number. I called and explained my motive. Immediately, I got response on WhatsApp. I chose to pick up a starter package due to my budget constraint. They had no problem, rather encouraged me to take that. First thing I realized that they are here for a longer duration and are not money-minded. My basic concern with them was book marketing support and publishing assistance. It was done. And they also happily provided me the following services:

  • Cover design and typesetting with ISBN number.
  • They provided two rounds of copy editing.
  • My royalty was set 80 percent. So, on a Kindle when my book was priced as 100. Amazon took 30 rupees. From the 70 rupees, I got my royalty as 56 INR. It was fair enough.
  • For the book marketing, they did cover my book on Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, Book Review Blogs, Press Release and Author Interview on a news portal website, with YouTube teaser video. In addition, they did promote my book on more than 60 Facebook groups with relevant keywords. My book had healthy sales.
  • Their distribution is great! I never saw my book getting out of stock on Amazon. Whenever my friends ordered, they get it on time. It means they maintain a strong inventory of books.

I personally liked their response or TAT (turn around time).

Overall, I fairly had a good time with BookMedia publishing company. Now I am about to finish my next book and will go with them once again. Anyone looking for an honest publishing deal can definitely pick them up. You can know more about them at their website:

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