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Book Review: Pursuit (Drawn by Destiny) by Pooja Poddar Marwah

Pursuit by Pooja Marwah is a charming romance read. It features Kate and Edward Scott – and they both seem to be lovelorn – though they are hedonistically successful. If you have read Mills and Boons romance novels, well then this novel may take you back to the same days. Otherwise if you have recently started an affair with romance or love related stories, this is going to be an amazing read for you that may linger with you for long time. Depth, darkness, emotional ride, persuasion, passion, and so on – in fact it’s completely a spiced up work by Pooja.

Coming back to Kate Princeton – she is the female protagonist in the story. At thirty five, she is a ravishing businesswoman – runs her own company named Semicircle Entertainment. She is the only person from her home who is settled in Mumbai, otherwise others are scattered in the USA. She is not yet married, may be because her quest to find a true love is yet to be fulfilled. As in her own words, she craves for true love, the following excerpt gives the best insight of her heart:

“Love, to her, meant being able to spend a moment of comfortable silence with a man. Love, to her, meant a man who could talk to her with his eyes alone. Love all she had really craved was true love.”

As the story kicks off, we see that some kind of depression and loneliness is troubling Kate, she often dreams about a strange place and man with enigmatic eyes. Was it a premonition or future telling? That has to be traced while getting into the story. Anyway, on account of a grand event, to be organized by Kate’s company, she happens to meet Edward Scott and her pesky wife Natasha Scott. The story is flitting by – quite fast-paced with multiple backdrops like Mumbai, USA, and Gran Canaria Island. Some excuses and Edward is bit pushy towards Kate. Though she seems liking and falling for her, some parameters or say aspects prevent her falling into love abyss again.

The tiff and chemistry between Kate and Scott is, literally, charming. At times their disagreement seems predictable but when Edward disappears all of sudden for many months, the story seems in search of some other robust guy. However, the author has kept Edward’s character enigmatic for some time but when it gets revealed you may empathize with him. The story is simple but the kind of intensity it portrays is terrific and through these two characters the author has tried seeking the true meaning of love in life at all stages. Another aspect that readers might question is that why Pooja has created non-Indian sounding characters and in the backdrop of Mumbai. The storyline is of elite class society, however, the feel of cross-cultural setting was bit offbeat. On the other hand, her narration and strong development of Kate makes up for tiny pitfalls. The storyline has an appeal for young and love-seeking people.


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