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Author Highlight: Michael Madhusudan Dutt

Michael Madhusudan Dutt won substantial glory to his name as a Bengali poet and dramatist in 19th century. He was born in Jessore District, East Bengal, and now a part of Bangladesh. He pioneered in Bengali drama. Meghnad Bodh Kavya was his super famous work, a tragic epic. It had hit the focus light for being an exceptional work with style and content in Bengali literature, a rarity then.

His work was inclusive of affliction and pain, spoken by women with reference to love and tragedies. Then, being a male writer featuring female characterization was unique as well as rare.    

Owing to his desire to become an Englishman, he, later on, accepted Christianity. Though he regretted afterwards, however the pain he got from the haunting memories of his homeland was reflected in his sorrowful poems. He was extremely good with Bengali sonnets and to some extent was considered father of the Bengali sonnets.

Michael Madhusudan was heavily inspired by life and work of English Romantic poet Lord Byron. Like Lord Byron, Michael Madhusudan also held characteristics of being bohemian and romantic, an essential aspect for an artist.  

He was a multi-linguistic. Other than Bengali, Tamil and Sanskrit, he also effectively learnt Greek, Latin, Italian and French. Michael Madhusudan was of free opinion, he disliked traditional caste-based arrange marriage system. Though, he married twice. He died in 1873 in Calcutta.


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